Cocona Claimed

Virgin Coconut Oil Based Product - For Healty and Beauty




Have you ever walk in your supermarket aisle looking for unrefined coconut oil and instead you found two types of coconut oil, Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (ECVO). Do you ever wonder what the difference between these two products? Unlike olive oil, there is no difference between VCO and EVCO. Yes you read it right, NOTHING! Dont get confused just yet. Some companies uses the term “extra virgin” because of the popularity of extra virgin olive oil. The term “extra virgin” itself indicates that the oil has the best quality. There are only two types of coconut oil, VCO and RBD (refined, bleached, deodorized). VCO is made by cold pressing the liquid from the fresh coconut meat that seperates oil from the milk and water. White RBD is made from coconut copra and chemically treated. Therefore VCO has more nutrients compared to RBD coconut oil. We use the term “VCO” because using the word “virgin” is enough to indicate the quality of our oil. So why bother to add “extra”.