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“Kopi Aroma is celebrating 90 years anniversary! Thank you for being our loyal customer for the past 90 years!” – Widyapratama & family. Kopi Aroma is a local “Mom and Pop” home industry coffee roaster and store. It is well known as “Paberik & Toko Kopi Aroma” in Bahasa Indonesia Ejaan Lama or “Koffie Fabriek Aroma”in Dutch, and it is translated to English as “Aroma Coffee – Roastery and Store”. Kopi Aroma is founded by Mr.Tan Houw Sian. In 1930, Mr.Tan moved his business to Jalan Banceuy No.51. The traditional style coffee processing and selling activities are still taking place in the very same building until today. In 2018, the old art deco building is listed as one of Bandung’s cultural heritage building (Bangunan Cagar Budaya Bandung). Mr. Tan started his coffee business from zero, serving locals as well as Dutch and Japanese whom at that time stayed in Bandung. In 1970s, the second generation, Mr. Widyapratama followed his father footstep into the legendary coffee business. Now he is running the roastery and shop with some help from his wife and children. Mr. Widyapratama’s hard work paid off. The number of Kopi Aroma’s customers has grown significantly over the years and Kopi Aroma has also become one of the popular souvenirs for the local as well as international tourists. Not only inheriting the coffee business, Mr. Tan also passed through some family values and traditions which Mr. Widyapratama and his family are whole-heartedly preserving and implementing in running Kopi Aroma. Those values and traditions are: Selling with integrity: honesty is important! Maintaining an affordable price, so that everyone can enjoy Kopi Aroma Producing only good quality coffee: 100% coffee beans, no chemical, no preservatives or additional ingredients. Producing coffee beans that have a strong aroma, have a great taste and have a low acid level (to avoid giving gastro problems to our customer) Kopi Aroma maintains a traditional approach in processing the green beans into coffee beans. Firstly, the green beans are sent directly from Indonesia’s coffee plantations in Sumatera, Java, Sulawesi and Nusa Tenggara. When the green beans arrived at our factory, they are dried under the sun and then stored for aging process. Storing the coffee beans in the warehouse is creating some changes in the coffee beans’ characters. Storing Arabika coffee beans for 8 years will reduce its level of acidity. Storing Robusta coffee beans for 5 years will reduce its caffeine level. Storing coffee beans will also enhance their aroma! They will have stronger aroma after being stored for certain times. After the aging process, the coffee beans are then roasted using a 90 years old Germany roaster machine fuelled by woods. It took around 2 hours to roast a batch of coffee beans. Mr.Widyatama himself does the roasting process in the early mornings, every single coffee-selling day.